Covers for Four Seats high handrails - Chocolate

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Covers for Four Seats high handrails - Chocolate
Covers for Four Seats high handrails - Chocolate
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Branded universal cover for your furniture


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Glamor Design, branded, patented and universal covers, made with the latest technology. Made of elastic material, they are top quality and fit all forms of furniture. Whether your furniture is modern or classic style, due to high elasticity (up to 100% in all directions), these covers from our production suit all types of armchairs, two-seater, three-seater, four-seater, corner sets (standard, maxi and maxi plus ) and for all types of chairs. Eventually, we make overly demanding and extraordinary furniture to order (according to the customer's wishes). They are suitable for use on all substrates, from leather to textiles, without slipping. They are easy to install and have additional Glamor Design inserts to better fit the furniture. Not only will you protect your furniture, but you will also make sure that the surface on which you sit is clean and tidy; the covers are enough to take off and wash in the washing machine and your space will shine again! The quality of our covers is confirmed by the EU certificate, and Sarteks d.o.o. has the exclusive right to distribute in the countries of the region (Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia).
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