Product replacement / complaint / refund

The buyer has the right to return the goods in the following cases:
- delivery of goods not ordered
- delivery of goods that have a defect or damage that did not occur during transport
- other cases in accordance with the legal framework
The buyer can replace the purchased product within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt at the delivery address. Web shop Sarteks undertakes to replace the advertised product with the same or a product with similar characteristics of the same price and quality class within 30 days of receipt of the request. The buyer is obliged to deliver the advertised product in undamaged original packaging, with all attached parts. In case of impossibility of delivery of other goods, the trader will reimburse the buyer for his postal costs of returning the goods and any value of the goods that he is no longer able to deliver. In the case of the return of goods that were not caused by the omission of the trader, the buyer bears all handling costs incurred.