Security SSL certificate

SSL Certificate Usage Statement

Sarteks d.o.o. performs authorization and payment via credit cards in real time via the Monri system, which is protected by the SSL security protocol.
Communication between your computer and is encrypted with the SSL security protocol.

What are SSL certificates?
Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates take website security to the next level. If your site has SSL, the web browser's communication with the web server is encrypted. This ensures the highest level of security for visitors to our site, and thus trust.

Where are SSL certificates used?
SSL certificates are used when entering sensitive data (eg credit card number) in web stores, are ideal for protecting administrative interfaces in web applications, and wherever increased security of data flow is required.

How can we know if the sites we are surfing on have an SSL certificate?
The presence of SSL certificates is easiest to notice in the address bar - instead of http: // you should write https: //. A small padlock will appear in the status bar of the web browser. In most browsers, double-clicking the padlock will display more detailed information about the SSL certificate: encryption strength, publisher and owner, expiration date, etc.